Thursday, June 27, 2013

Texas Hikes

Guadalupe Mountains National Park:

  * Guadalupe Peak - The highest point in Texas

  * The Devils Hall - Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Big Bend National Park:

  * Big Bend National Park

100 Classic Hikes in Texas - With over 80 parks, 56 wildlife management areas, 9 natural areas and 28 historic sites and parklands, this vast state offers a plethora of hiking options to choose from. Regions covered include the Panhandle Plains, prairies and lakes, piney woods, Gulf Coast, South Texas Plains, Hill Country, and Big Bend country. This guide includes elevation profiles, sidebar tips, topographic maps, and a handy Hikes-at-a-Glance chart to help readers find the hikes they want quickly and easily. Whether you're planning an extended backpacking trip through the northern cross timber or a short day hike just outside of town, this guidebook presents a wonderful variety of iconic Texas trails.

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