Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Aztec Butte

The hike to the summit of Aztec Butte in Canyonlands National Park begins from the trailhead just north of the Green River Overlook in the Island in the Sky district. The highlight of the hike is the climb to the top of the butte, which stands roughly 170 feet above the desert floor. The short climbs requires some scrambling and the use of all fours to reach the summit. In particular, hikers will have to negotiate two sections that require ascending steep slickrock and ledges. I would not recommend attempting this hike in the rain or snow, or without treaded boots. Watch the cairns to stay on the path as you climb higher. Once at the top there is a loop trail that offers outstanding views of the surrounding desert, including views into Taylor Canyon. Here's a view of the butte from the Mesa Arch area:

At the summit hikers will visit an ancient Puebloan granary:

From the trailhead, after walking roughly one-third of a mile, hikers will reach a split in the trail. The main trail to the butte veers to the right here. However, the left fork ascends a shorter butte, and visit another ancient Puebloan granary tucked just below the rim of the summit:

Trail: Aztec Butte
Roundtrip Distance: 2 Miles
Total Elevation Gain: ~250 feet
Max Elevation: ~6100 Feet
TH Location: Aztec Butte TH
Map: Canyonlands NP Trails Illustrated Map

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