Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Double Arch and Window Arch

During our most recent visit to Arches National Park in 2018 we took the short hike to Double Arch and Window Arch, both located at the same trailhead. The series of five arches can be visited in one relatively short and easy hike. We started by visiting Double Arch first. As the name would imply, Double Arch consists of two giant arches joined at one end:

We then trekked over to North Window Arch:

Both North and South Window Arch can be seen from Turret Arch:

During our hike we could see a storm raging towards the south:

Trail: Double Arch and Window Arch
Roundtrip Distance: 1.5 Miles
Total Elevation Gain: ~150 feet
Max Elevation: ~5000 Feet
TH Location: The Windows
Map: Arches NP Trails Illustrated Map

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